Sage Advice 89: New Phrases I Am Considering For Use When Referring To Canada

  • Where the French invented denim
  • That place that isn’t divided into states
  • Alaska’s tumor
  • That place where I’m pretty sure women still aren’t allowed to vote
  • A culture that cheats on the English language
  • Farmville 2
  • I can’t think of a single native animal
  • Pretty much just ice
  • Do you think Ray Liotta has a vacation home there?
  • Where the film Air Bud was produced and distributed
  • I was joking about that last one until I looked it up
  • I’m not going to do any research about Ray Liotta’s vacation homes
  • Farmville 3: The Reckoning
  • I read somewhere that maps skew it
  • I don’t know what skew means
  • Farmville: Revelations (prequel/working title)
  • One of three countries science has officially given up on
  • Reportedly not cream-filled
  • May as well be Israel
  • Cancer
  • The only place where people buy candles as a source of light
  • Where light slows down to 200,000,000 m/s (because of all the cancer)
  • Where the national bird is a radiator in everybody’s uncle’s garage
  • The only country where everyone unanimously agrees that thumbs don’t count as fingers
  • Slytherin
  • Mexico’s reciprocal
  • Canadaville
  • Almost never dipped in ketchup
  • Where America assumes minorities come from
  • Cannot be used as an adjective

-Matthew Fugere

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