Sage Advice 68: Internet Me

It’s amazing how the internet has become a place where every participant has to construct and keep up with a digital identity. So many different places around the net require you to engage with self-reflection in an attempt to allow you to tailor a personality for people to view. We’ve all had that moment where we stare at our computer screen and ask the ever crucial question, “What are my interests and disinterests?” Then we type them up and hope people connect with us by those means.

The best part about crafting a new you on the internet is how easy it is to lie. Making an internet identity is like staring into a mirror that has Photoshop. You can change any part of the new you when you upload it to the World Wide Web. For example, regular Matthew Fugere is a twenty-three-year-old college student with interests in writing and music. Internet Matthew Fugere is a Canadian lion-tamer best known for his mastering of ten different languages and his 8th degree black belt in Karate. Internet Matthew Fugere has also read every single book you have ever heard of. He also listens to every single band you have listened to.

Internet Matthew Fugere is a pretty badass guy, and I was able to make him by slightly distorting the real Matthew Fugere. Fuck that guy. He’s boring.

The potential for social interactions on the internet is absolutely fascinating. The fact that I can instantly communicate with any person at any location on the planet is astounding and never fails to impress me. Of course, when I do socially interact with people from all over the world, they’re going to be meeting internet me as I’m sure I’ll be meeting internet them. It may seem more like the social melding of two fictional characters than two authentic human beings, but isn’t everyone being connected what really matters?


-Matthew Fugere

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