Sage Advice 65: Self-Removed Self-Expressions Of The Self

By now, you’re aware of how incredible of a visual artist I am. Let’s face it, when it comes to drawing stuff, not many people can vomit the kind of beauty that I can. That’s why I like tattoos so much; anyone who is willing to wear someone else’s vomit permanently has to be a rational person.

That’s the best part of tattoos, you know, the permanent part. That’s a kind of commitment most people save for a marriage or financial aid loans. Leaving a permanent mark on something, particularly something you have to drag around forever like your body, proves that you’re willing to go a distance equal to or greater than a long haul.

It only makes sense to express yourself on your body by engraving something on it you thought was awesome when you were twenty-years-old. After all, we never change. Nothing you do when you’re twenty will look nonsensical/stupid/silly/racist/boring as you age. Sure, your frontal lobe may not be completely developed when you’re twenty, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fully develop Japanese calligraphy and pictures of things you liked when you were a kid onto your skin.

Self-expression is important. Well, it’s important when you pay someone to self-express for you. You don’t actually expect people to express themselves on their own body with their own thoughts, creations, and ideas, do you? Self-removed self-expressions. That’s how you gotta do it. Why come up with something original when you can pay a guy who has made his own intelligent life choice in becoming a tattoo artist to do all of your self-expression for you? If it works in prisons, it should work on intoxicated young people too.


-Matthew Fugere

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