Sage Advice 59: Prelude To The Animal Man

I’ve been pretty fortunate to have so many wonderful fans that are willing to come on my podcast, Sound Advice, and share their knowledge and experiences. Tony Bratwurst, my guest last show, gave an interesting interview where we explored his interest in wolves and his take on the Holocaust. The next show, which should be released this Sunday, will feature another fan. Tilford Brookshaw, a self-proclaimed animal expert, will be on the show. Tilford asked if he could also contribute to Sage Advice. In the interest of not writing anything myself, I obliged. So, straight from Sound Advice’s resident animal expert, Tilford Brookshaw, is some great animal information for you to digest.

Disclaimer: Tilford is illiterate, so this was typed by a local librarian word for word.

“Oh hi there, Matt. I’m so good with happy to be on your website with many words to what have with on the internet for reading people who can on. As for which furthermore, I wish to obligicate some interesting animal facts and information about which on how I learned from my daddy and with his been on hitting me without on which my good and also the zoo.

Here is the first one which what have I made from learning for instance. The southern hemisphereical plant bug is which to take while a insect that I know much to for about. It is an animal fact which in fact covers the topic of a bug which can be on many kinds of under dirt for living with his family. It has with many legs on about which it can walk on the ground like on which my daddy uses to walk on me when he hit me on the ground with my momma crying in the background but she is without on about being dead because she is.

Here’s another great on which animal information I made for you to see on your words with on. My daddy say on the cannery bird on the trees what sing with many is a good thing for me to not without thinking about when he hitting me the face with my momma’s without on which body of life. I cried.

Tilford Brookshaw

(signed with an X)”

Well, that’s about it for Tilford’s animal facts. Be sure to check out Sound Advice on iTunes or this website on Sunday to hear our exclusive interview with Tilford.


-Matthew Fugere

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