Sage Advice 58: Book Learnin’

Of all the 2,309 things I’ve learned during my life, one of the most important is the importance of the unimportance of book learning. It’s something people usually don’t like to admit, but books are dumb. Really think about what you’re doing when you read a book. You’re staring a dead tree for hours on in, trying to make sense of a bunch of ink some stupid robot splattered on each page.

Getting any kind of information this way is futile. All you’re doing is hurting your eyes and buying book shelves to store your horrible habit. But if this medium of knowledge exchange is so awful, how should we acquire information? Listening to other people won’t work. After all, if you don’t say it yourself, how can you trust what you hear? Some people might think digital technology is the answer, but you’re doing the same thing you were doing with books, just replace dead trees with dumb metals.

I propose we venture into a new territory of understanding and comprehending ideas. We just make it up. Think about it; what better reality is there than the one you create? Tired of objective reality and its annoying peer-reviewed approach to definition? Just make up your own!

If we keep telling ourselves that whatever we’re thinking for ourselves isn’t the best way to perceive reality for ourselves, ourselves are going to be overwhelmed with information that ourselves think isn’t good for ourselves. See how I kept using ourselves there? In my reality, that’s normal. I think this approach to life is going to make us all winners, and isn’t that what we all want for ourselves?


-Matthew Fugere

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