Sage Advice 7: Making Friends

Being part of a community is an absolutely important part of life. Get to know the people around you, and you will experience a kind of a companionship that is usually only exclusive to dolphin trainers. I’ve lived in several apartment complexes during my time on this planet, and in every building I make it a point to meet and learn about all of my neighbors.

It can be daunting at first; meeting new people can be so difficult. But I have developed a series of techniques that will ease your feeble sensibilities into your future nurturing community.

Probably the best way to break the proverbial ice with your neighbors is to surprise them at night when they’re coming home from work or social gatherings. No need to introduce yourself, you already know who you are; you need to immediately get to know them. Ask them how their day went or what their bank account number is. The more intimate the detail you acquire from them, the stronger your friendship will be.

Once you know their name, it’s time to start sending gifts! Send your new friend a cake or fruit salad, just make sure it’s something you made (it will make the gift so much more personal). Don’t leave your name with the gift either; you don’t want your new friend thinking you’re after something other than their companionship.

Even though the landlord of every building I’ve lived in has requested a restraining order, forcing me out of my established residency and into a new building of potential friends, I continue to improve my methods of developing a healthy community of neighbors and companions. A few people calling the police and yelling help should never stop your enthusiasm to meet your neighbors.


-Matthew Fugere

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