Sage Advice 5: Knowledge

Like most people who dwell amongst the ever blossoming enigma that is creativity and imagination, I do not have any formal education. Every lesson I have ever learned was given to me by the most well informed entity I know: me.

Though I am certainly a unique case, it is possible for any person to tap into the endless world of a self-taught and self-imposed narrative. For example, just the other day I was thinking to myself that I knew very little about chemistry. I thought about it for a long time. Then I decided that I actually already knew everything there is to know about chemistry, which happens to be nothing.

Would I be able to pass whatever tests are given to determine the competency of aspiring chemists? Absolutely, assuming I am the one who writes the tests. And why wouldn’t I? If I wrote the rules, I’ll certainly build the stadium. Then I’ll play every game against myself and win every match every time.

I guess what I’m really trying to show here is that it is possible to know everything there is to know about everything without anyone showing you anything they claim to know about anything. Just close your eyes, cover your ears, ignore the world, and prepare to learn.


-Matthew Fugere

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