Sage Advice 47: Pretend Life Is A Baby Animal

Human response to nature is always an interesting topic. I was surfing around the internet, doing internety things like pirating DVD rips of the first two seasons of Becker and looking up the name of that band that had a drummer with one arm (turns out it’s TLC), when I saw a fascinating article about a baby bear.*

This baby bear frequented a camping ground in a park reservation. Tourists would always take pictures of the bear and feed it. Park rangers expressed their discontent with human-animal interaction, citing the safety risks involved, but the tourists persisted.

Eventually, the park rangers shot and killed the bear. They defended the action by saying the bear would eventually become too comfortable with human company, so, once the cub grew into an adult bear, there would be a big problem with a full grown bear mauling tourists.

It would be like if you found a stray puppy outside and your dad was like “Hey, stay away from that puppy or it’s going to grow up to be a bear and eat your fucking face.” Then he shot it in the head, claiming it was for your own good.

Shooting the bud in the face.

That’s what it comes down to; taking care of something while it’s easy to take care of. It’s a great philosophy that can save you a ton of time and work. I try to apply it to my day-to-day.

For example: you know for a fact that you’ll be hungry sometime during the day. But what if you don’t find the time needed to consume the nutrition required to not die? Easy, just shoot your food in the face, like it’s a curious baby bear.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this:

Let’s pretend life is a baby animal and shoot it in the face before it gets out of control.


-Matthew Fugere

*That’s an example of me interpreting without reading. You have to baller** to analyze that thoroughly and quickly.

**So hard that they wanna fine me.

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One Response to Sage Advice 47: Pretend Life Is A Baby Animal

  1. floridaborne says:

    The band was Def Leppard
    I went to one of their concerts in 1992. Amazingness. It was almost as good as the Metallica/Guns and Roses concert I’d attend a few months before.

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