Sage Advice 43: The 30 Day Drawing Challenge Accepted

I recently stumbled upon an interesting challenge on the internet: a challenge to draw something everyday for 30 days. The list was kind of boring and generic, but I assume the point is to just hone on your illustrative abilities by giving you a daily artistic goal. But, as we all know, I’m better than everyone at everything, so I’ll be doing this challenge in 30 seconds minutes days  hours!

Here are the results:

Picture 1

This first one is supposed to be a picture of yourself. Here, you see me with my customary beard, top hat, and bear feet.

Picture 2

My favorite animal is the Cat-Raptor that runs about my dreams. I’m not sure if he likes me back.

Picture 3

My favorite food is Apple-Pizza. It’s healthy and yummy. And it exists. Cat-Raptor eats it, too. Like all the time.

Picture 4



Picture 5

This is Dashir.

Picture 6

Benjamin Franklin. He was in this book I sat on during my history classes in high school.

picture 7

Cusp is a fun word. It’s like, hey am I about to say cup? Nope!

Picture 8

Neil Patrick Harris.

picture 9

The one Dashir records of me.

picture 10

The things that walk around in my bathroom. Tastes a bit like soap but very sweet.

picture 11

When Dashir started recording me.

picture 12

Learning to tie my shoe.

Picture 13

It’s one of those ones you have to interpret.

Picture 14

The war of 1812.

Picture 15

Me and my only family: Cat-Raptor.

Picture 16

Dashir capturing Cat-Raptor in my dreams.

Picture 17


Picture 18

That’s you having your freakin’ mind blown from reading this.

Picture 19

My neighbor’s mail. It’s like a new episode everyday except Sundays and government holidays.

Picture 20

An orange.

Picture 21

An orange.

Picture 22

That time I drew an orange for number 20.

Picture 23

Butter for my toast. Seriously, we were out of it this morning.

Picture 24

Dashir and me. And Cat-Raptor dreaming about us.

picture 25

This is very much proportional.

picture 26

This fly.

Picture 27

Do I need to say his name again?

Picture 28


Picture 29


Picture 30

Suck it, art.

Well that about does it for the 30 hour challenge. It took me way less time than anyone attempting the original challenge. I hope someone was keeping record. If we learnt anything today, it’s that I’m basically the best artist/drawing guy alive. I also recommend you try this challenge. If you think you can beat my quality, send me some examples so I can show you how wrong you are.


-Matthew Fugere

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