Sage Advice 41: A Majestic Creature

A recent important court decision made me think far more thoroughly about cows than I am used to. I agreed with the judge’s overall sentiment regarding the beasts: they are gentle, peaceful, giving creatures who far too often have these admirable traits used against them for the purpose of their own demise.

I’m not saying I’m against the consumption of the barnyard’s most noble animal, but I can certainly see why some people in the world find them sacred. Anything that can provide so much without objection is certainly something to be revered.

This idea of a sacred creature reminded me of an animal that many Americans adore: the horse. I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen a horse up-close, but they are quite majestic. Like cows, they give a bit to our society with little to no objection.

That being stated, why don’t we eat horses? Some people laugh at cultures that hold animals like cows sacred; we find it silly to worship something we slaughter and eat en masse. But while we laugh at those who admire the easily admired, we actually hold laws against the consumption of an animal that paralyzed the late Superman.

Is it because they taste foul? I don’t know from personal experience, but I’d venture a guess to the effect of probably not. Most likely the answer comes with our fascination with the animal. After all, they were used as an important mode of transportation and gambling for a very long time in this country.

But I think if we’re going to be so willing to quench our thirst for red meat with an animal as innocent as a cow, we should be more comfortable with the idea of using horses in the same manner. The French do it, and are we better than the French? Probably not.


-Matthew Fugere

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