Sage Advice 3: Consistency

Not a day of my life has gone by without me spending at least a few hours thinking about what I would do if I had a time machine. My thoughts almost always go directly to my desire to travel into the future: the unknown. But then again, if it’s in the future then it hasn’t happened yet, and if something hasn’t happened yet then how could I possibly visit it?  Wait, how does time travelling work? They seemed to have it figured out on Lost. If Matthew Fox can solve the mysteries of time, I’m pretty sure I could handle it.

I digress, the unknown is what everyone is truly curious about. Where are we going? What will happen? Death. Life. Vague noun that doesn’t actually emphasize or explain any of the previous thoughts or themes. These are the things we truly want to know about.

That’s where my expertise in deep thought and meditation makes my understanding of the unknown far superior to the average thinker. What easier way is there, I dare ask, to make the future more knowable than by doing the exact same thing every day? If I follow the same path every second of every day—regardless of the people or objects or afternoon traffic that gets in my way—then I will have the most possible control of my future, my unknown.

So, try not to branch out of your daily routine.  Don’t talk to anyone you’ve never met. Don’t try that new shampoo, you know, the one with the naked guy on it who looks really happy about blue gel is running through his wet hair. A risk is the only thing between you and a sure future.


-Matthew Fugere

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