Sage Advice 24: Seeing The Truth

Recently a group of artists sold a piece made entirely of one of the most tangible mediums you can use: air. It was sold for $10,000 and was evidently branded as one-of-a-kind, thus making it sold-out once purchased. How amazing of an idea is that? Using a completely renewable and infinite resource to express an idea is the best way to communicate your thoughts and make money at the same time.

It’s certainly something more producers of culture need to invest in. Where are all of the invisible books and movies? I don’t want to see anything and still experience the bliss that comes with seeing the realization of human emotion and expression. Then again, perhaps there are invisible cultural productions amongst us… we just can’t see them!

Oh wait, I’m making one right now. Can you feel it? You should, you’re about to have the description. I’ll call it Empty Gesture.

Empty Gesture:

What you should have in your proximity are the collective experiences and feelings presented by the thoughts I am claiming to have come up with. As you sit, you can simply imagine what it is you just got from me. Is it great? It should be, you’re the one imagining it. Oh, it isn’t good? That’s too bad. You should think of good things when you experience my art. It really makes the piece much better.

And there you have it. I just gave you art. And it was free! You should try the same thing. Just think of something great and tell other people that you thought of something great so they should think of something great while they consider your thoughts of things that are great. It will take some practice, but once you’ve got it, you’ll be making bank in no time.


-Matthew Fugere

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