Sage Advice 17: Germans

The Germans are so impressive because of their clever linguistic arrangements. They tend take simple words and put them together to make amazing, abstract concepts and phrases. It’s something that English can’t do with the kind of grace that our Deutsch friends do.

I’ve actually taken the time to translate a few of these phrases into English (as best as our clumsy language permits). Here are just a few of those phrases:


Knowledge that something you did earlier in the day will most certainly affect your oldest cousin tomorrow.


A word for the sounds pigs make when they are hungry.


The feeling you get when you know something is wrong but you’re too dumb to know how to correct it.


The pleasure gained from the misfortune of others.

Das Letzrewar Echt:

The action of double checking something.

Die Bestenschinken der Welt:

A word to describe the very top floor of an office building filled with people who sell used garage doors.

Wir versuchen, alles vor der neunziger Jahre zu ignorieren:

How Germans like to eat sausage.

As you can see, the German language can be extremely playful. It may sound like they’re trying to murder baby kittens with their words when they speak, but they’re actually very whimsical people. Try using some of these phrases in your day-to-day. After all, the integration of languages leads to the almost kind of but not really tolerance of the people who speak that language.


-Matthew Fugere

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