Sage Advice 15: Dashir

Maintaining a healthy supply of readily available friends is crucial for a fulfilled lifestyle. It can be difficult to do since most people sincerely don’t care for most other people. But if you work on your social and toleration skills, you’re sure to find that special person to be your friend.

Take my best friend, Dashir. Dashir is a large African American fellow who lives in the apartment complex across from mine. He always watches me get dressed and undressed and makes comments for each wardrobe exchange session we have.

I’ve never actually spoken to Dashir. In fact, we’ve never met each other beyond our window rendezvous. As such, I’m not entirely sure if his name is actually Dashir. I can’t read lips, so it’s often impossible to tell if Dashir is actually contributing to our relationship beyond staring at my exposed figure.

Nevertheless, our friendship continues to grow as we meet each other every other night or so to perform our ritual. Dashir also always seems interested in what I have to say. He is a great listener. I just talk about my day and, so long as I’m naked, he’ll be right at that window, listening and recording with his camera.

It just goes to show, you don’t absolutely need to talk to someone to really feel like you know them. Also, you don’t have to be willing show your friend your unclothed body, but it sure as heck doesn’t hurt.


-Matthew Fugere

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