Sage Advice 13: Foot Care

If ever there was a part of your body you should take special care of, it is the foot area. These anchors or your body are so important and are often truly underappreciated by the rest of our bodies. Letting your feet fall to illness as I have can truly lead to some horrible medical, professional, social, and abstract conundrums.

In fact, I actually suffer from the following foot related ailments: Scalawag’s Toe, The Beaver’s Mighty Justice, Chronic Arch-Ground Resistance, Excessive Straight Hair Growth Syndrome, Oyster Heel, Quincy Jones’ Foot, Lou Gehrig’s Sole, R&B Sole, Misleading Male Footwear Accessories, Inward Toe Jam Growth, Pinky Toe Syndrome (the fear that your pinky toe will likely brew decaffeinated coffee), Ankle Leakage.

If anyone understands the effects of apathetic foot care, it’s certainly me. My life isn’t completely horrible because of my consistent foot diseases; most of my day-to-day routines require little to no footwork. But what if one day I decide I need to start using my feet more? What if I actually want to walk to the kitchen instead of rolling with my computer chair?

It seems unlikely but you never know. Like my foot doctor says regarding me going through rectal exams for all of his evaluations, better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.


-Matthew Fugere

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One Response to Sage Advice 13: Foot Care

  1. tkniefel says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more that your feet are extremely important to the rest of your body. I agree that most feet are underappreciated and I too have had multiple troubles with my own. I was born with flat feet, which at a young age was told my body would grow used to them and it would not be an issue as i get older. WRONG! I’m now 22 and have never in my entire life have felt and have had to deal with this much foot pain, ever! Finally caved and went to the doctor to get some advice on trying to make my feet feel better.

    Having flat feet, if I walk long distances, they hurt but not to the point where it’s completely untollerable. I’ve learned to just deal with it since I have for so many years already. The just six months ago I began having heel pain in my right heel. It gradually started getting worse and worse so I went to the doctor and sure enough was diagnosed with planter fascitis. My family doctor sent me to a foot specialist that took a closer look at my feet diagnosing me with plantar facitis along with another long word where my toe bones are starting to curve inward, making my feet in more pain. So to help with the pain, i got custom made orthotics for my feet. I also was told that my feet having been flat and not doing anything about it all these years has caused my neck and back to be out of place and could possibly be too late to get it corrected. LOVELY I KNOW!

    The plantar facitis has gotten better with the custom insole orthotics but in the morning I can barely walk each day. It’s difficult 😦 All three of my jobs I am constantly on my feet, i know i need to lose weight and work out frequently but it makes it difficult when I can barely walk the way it is. I’m at the point where I’m giving up because the pain is just getting worse, but can’t take the time to slow down and tend to my feet constantly. Ugh! Just needed to rant a little.. those with good feet, be proud of them and thank your parents for those good genes, because having flat feet and other foot issues is an absolute nightmare.

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