Sage Advice 12: Bravery

Once in awhile, you get the pleasure of encountering someone who is truly brave. It’s quite rare, but when you witness that moment, the sweetness of being covered in their glory is awe-inspiring. I had the great fortune of coming across such a person not too long ago.

I was in line at a grocery store. It was a Sunday, which meant that there would be mentally handicapped individuals bagging groceries. Normally I’m fine with this: it gives people who have a disadvantage in life a chance to work on their social skills and feel like a normal hardworking member of society. But then the person in front of me showed me the light. She, more than anyone, understood the barrier constructed by letting the time-wasting, mentally handicapped people of the world be part of her day-to-day errands.

As the socially introverted bagger picked the wrong kind of bag for the lady’s groceries (he was going for plastic when she clearly asked for paper, what a monster), she quickly attacked him with a glaring eye and snapped, “Oh just let me do it!” She followed her cunning words with ripping her groceries from the bagger’s hands and performing the task herself.

Good for her.

We should all try to be so brave. The next time someone is in your way, whether it’s an elderly person who wants you to hold open a door or some pregnant lady who thinks she deserves to have a seat on the bus instead of standing, you look at that energy-draining waste of life and you say, “Hey, I am not going to be a decent human being just because you think it’s the right thing to do!”


-Matthew Fugere

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